Wendy Weather Warriors

Wendys Weather Warriors, from Calico Chapter Books, a division of Magic Wagon, ABDO Book Publishers. Each fiction story includes weather facts and experiments at the back of the book.

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Book 1: Tornado Trouble

Wendy Peters is wild about weather! She loves experimenting with it, learning about it, and teaching others about all kinds of weather patterns. Wendy’s family has just moved to Circleville, Texas, and she’s excited to learn that her new teacher and classmates Jessica and Dennis are as weather mad as she is! When Wendy, Jessica, and Dennis discover Circleville Elementary doesn’t have a safety plan for tornadoes, they set a plan in motion to change that—just in time, too! Can Wendy’s Weather plan keep everyone safe when a tornado hits?

Book 2: Look Out for Lightning!

After the tornado in Circleville, Wendy and her friends Jessica and Dennis formed a club and named it “Wendy’s Weather Warriors.” Their first order of business is to inform their classmates and Principal Stuard about the dangers of lightning. But, the whole school is distracted by the soccer championship between the Circleville Cougars and the Diamond Ducks. The day of the big match finally arrives and Wendy is the only one paying attention to the cumulonimbus clouds warning of a storm! Can Wendy’s Weather Warriors get Mrs. Stuard to postpone the game before it’s too late?

Book 3: Sno-vember

Just before Thanksgiving, Mr. Andrews announces there will be a snowman-building contest on the first snow day of the year. Wendy, Jessica, Dennis, and their class wonder when snow will come. They decide to record the temperature and cloud formations to track when the best chance of a snow day will be. When the snow comes, it isn’t enough to make snowmen, but the Weather Warriors have a better idea—one that will also help out the local homeless shelter. Can the Weather Warriors convince the entire school to go along with their plan?

Book 4: Hail to the King

It’s time for the Circleville Elementary Spring Carnival! The teachers have nominated five male teachers for king and five female teachers for queen and now the kids get to vote for the winner. When Mr. Andrews announces he’s taken a new job and will be leaving, Wendy’s Weather Watchers take a break from weather and put a plan in motion to make Mr. Andrews king and show him how much they want him to stay. But a sudden hailstorm ruins the carnival and their plan! Can Wendy, Jessica, Dennis, and Austin save the carnival?

Book 5: Attack of the Giant Flood

It has been a long, dry spring in Circleville, and Wendy worries that when rain finally arrives there will be dangerous flash floods. But the Weather Warriors have more important things to think about—like the unveiling of the new middle school they will attend next year! Just as the ribbon is cut, the sky lets loose and it finally begins to rain. On the way home, Wendy’s flash flood knowledge stops the vice principal from driving into danger. Can Wendy’s Weather Warriors save another driver that wasn’t as lucky?

Book 6: Hurricane Harry

Summer is almost over for Wendy’s Weather Warriors, and they’ve had so much fun Wendy forgot all about the essay contest she’d entered at the end of the school year. Just two weeks before school, Wendy received a letter telling her she won! Now she gets to take the Weather Warriors and Mr. Andrews to Galveston, Texas, to read her essay about the big 1900 hurricane in Galveston. As they are enjoying their trip, a tropical storm turns into Hurricane Harry! Can the Warrior’s save the day for a dog in trouble?