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Speaking Topics :

  • Writing for Children (Books and/or magazines)
  • Marketing
  • Setting Goals and Organizing
  • Writing for the Religious Market
  • Writing for Magazines
  • Writing & Marketing Your Personal Experiences


Sensing Their Prey School Visits:

Can you taste food with your feet? Do you rely on your sense of smell to find your next meal? Do you need to see 360 degrees without moving your head to see the food behind your body? Animals have many interesting ways that they can and must use their amazing senses to locate their prey.

Students will learn how animals use their senses of sight, smell, hearing, tasting, touching and some extreme senses to find food. With the help of this beautifully illustrated series of books, I will share information on the animals and their senses using power point as well as puppets/stuffed animals. Students will use their own senses to identify and discuss food and whether their hearing or sight or smell is as sharp as an animal’s.

This program can be fun and learning for K-4th grade about the science of their senses and how animals use their senses. I can talk about the books from idea to research to writing to the phases of illustration to finished book. Visits include Animal Senses: Fun Facts handouts.

Email for more information about visits and how to order books for schools and students.


Crown Me School Visits:

What would a kid do if he or she were King or Queen of their school? What do kids think good leadership is all about? Justin Davies, protagonist in my upcoming middle-grade humor novel, CROWN ME! is about to find out as he and his queen, Andrea, create school chaos while competing to win Fifth Grade President.

If you would like to schedule me to come for a program or Young Author’s Day event, in keeping with the idea of CROWN ME and elections, I would ask teachers to have their students write short speeches about “What I Would Do If I Were King or Queen of My School.”

It is preferred that the essays/speeches could be sent to me a week ahead and I would choose a half-dozen for the students to read aloud. Then, as a mock election, the students could vote on the one they would want to be their King or Queen. That student would be crowned king/queen and be given a cardboard gold crown. I would also have give-aways for each student so that no one is left out.

Additionally, I can read a short funny scene from the book, talk about our upcoming election and how my character learns about true democratic leadership versus a monarchy leadership, and some fun facts about the medieval ages. (I even have an old chamber pot I can bring).

Lastly, I can read my very first story I wrote and won a contest in when I was in 2nd grade (The Giraphant) and talk about writing all my life, or how I got the idea for my book and researched information for it. If time permits, I could mention (and demonstrate) the different ways to write humor: Comparison, exaggeration, slapstick, silly names, etc.

Schools can order books from my publisher at a school discount. I will send pre-order forms that can be used to send home with students interested in purchasing CROWN ME or A GLORY OF UNICORNS, a wonderful anthology of short stories edited by author Bruce Coville, published by Scholastic Press. I have a story in the anthology titled, “The Healing Truth.”

Fee’s for Programs:

 1-hour Program: $250
 Half Day/Two Programs: $400
 Full Day/Three Programs $700

Your school will have a mock election and learn about the writing process. Contact me for fees details.

If you are more than 75 miles from Fort Worth, Texas, additional expenses (travel, lodging, meals) will apply. $700 + expenses per day for out of state visits.

Please contact me for special discounts.

Raves for Kathryn’s School Programs

“Mrs Lay thoroughly engaged our students, teachers, and parents alike. Her programs are interactive, interesting, and motivating. My students are scrambling to check out her books! Mrs Lay is easy to work with and made the whole process smooth and worry-free. I would thoroughly recommend her for an author visit.” Lisa Wagoner, Librarian, Bruce Shulkey Elementary, Fort Worth, Texas, 2012

“Kathryn and Diane, thank you so much for visiting our school in Dallas! The program was a huge success – both the kids and the teachers really enjoyed it. We loved your visit to our school! You were personable and immediately endearing to the kids. They paid close attention to the programs and laughed while they learned. They were energized and eager to increase their reading and writing time.” K. Frish, school visit planner, Prestonwood Elementary. January, 2005.

“Thank you Mrs. Lay. You had such a wonderful impact on the 5th grade students’ lives. Thank you for taking the time to visit us. We hope you can come back again.” C. Perry, Room Parent, Westlake Academy. November 2004.

“Mrs. Lay, I wanted to thank you for participating in the reading program at St. Maria Goretti School and talking about writing with the 5th graders. Both teachers raved about the presentation you delivered to their classes. They mentioned that you captured the attention of the students…all 50 of them! Maybe a few will follow a dream to write because of you.” T. Campbell, St. Maria Goretti School, Arlington. November 2004

Some medieval fun websites:

The Medieval Ages for Kids: http://www.kathimitchell.com/middleages.htm
Medieval History for Kids: http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/medieval/history/history.htm
Medieval Homework Help Resources: http://www.forrestps.act.edu.au/hwh_medieval.htm
K-12 Medieval Studies: http://www.georgetown.edu/labyrinth/pedagogical/k12/k12.html

Some election fun for Kids:

Congress for Kids: http://www.congressforkids.net/Elections_index.htm
First Gov for Kids: http://www.kids.gov/
Kids Newsroom Presents Election 2000: http://www.kidsnewsroom.org/election/election.asp