Published Writing


Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul
Chicken Soup for the Soul Bible
Chicken Soup for the Girl’s Soul
Chicken Soup for Healthy Living: Diabetes
Chicken Soup for the Mothers and Daughters Soul
Chicken Soup for the New Mom’s Soul
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Celebrating People Who Make A Difference

A few of my published writings for children:

“Cave-A-Phobia,” short story, SPIDER, August 2003
“The Dragon Tree,” short story, SPELLBOUND, Summer 2003
“Rescue in the Darkness,” short story, CRICKET, August 2002
“Voices in the Storm,” short story, BOYS’ LIFE, March 1996
“A Turtle Home,” short story, POCKETS, June 2001
“Kahlil’s Song,” short story, SPELLBOUND, Spring 2001
“Underwear on Parade,” short story, THE MAILBOX GRADE 4, 2001
“The Worst Sport Ever!”, POCKETS, July 1998
“Dying to Be Thin,” short story and nonfiction sidebar, LISTEN, Nov. 2002
“Sawdust in Her Veins,” Article, U.S. KIDS, Jan/Feb 1995
“Circus Runaway,” short story, HOPSCOTCH FOR GIRLS, June/July 2002

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