The Organized Writer Is A Selling Writer

The Organized Writer!

· Do you know what your writing goals are?
· Do you know where to find ideas and how to use them?
· Do you want to use your writing time more wisely?
· Do you wonder if contests are worth the investment?
· Does being an organized writer mean the perfectly arranged office?

The Organized Marketer!

· How can you use the internet to market?
· How can you juggle writing time with time for marketing?
· Is it possible to sell your articles more than once?
· What should you do when youve waited months to hear from an editor?

THE ORGANIZED WRITER IS A SELLING WRITER will give you tips, challenges, encouragement and motivation.

Purchase directly from me, Kathryn Lay. Contact me for information on volume discounts for writer’s organizations and clubs and for me to speak to your group:

$14.95 for the Trade Paperback (shipped anywhere in the United States)

$22.00 for the Trade Paperback (shipped elsewhere in the world)

$9.95 for a PDF ebook attachment


If you desire to have a more organized office, then “The Organized Writer is a Selling Writer” is for you. Although only 110 pages, it is packed with information, tips, and articles written by Mrs. Lay, based on her many years’ experience as a freelancer. All writers can use her suggestions “as is”, or they can be modified to fit an existing organizational system. If you’re just setting up an office, start implementing her ideas to get started on the right foot.

Every topic a writer might need is covered–goal setting, time management, follow-ups, marketing, reprints. There is even information for those who enjoy entering contests. Some of her ideas are what she started out with at the beginning of her writing career. They’d been tweaked, but as she learned that “simple is better” she reverted back to the original ones.

If you unclutter your mind and office by using the ideas in her book, you’ll have more creative energy, more writing time, and you’ll probably sell more because of your marketing strategies.

This is a book that will not stay on your bookshelf. You’ll refer to it again and again as you either start a new system or modify and add to one already in place. Buy a copy for yourself. Then bless each member of your writing group with a copy. They’ll be glad you did.

Joyce Heiser, Inspirational Writer and Co-founder, Lighthouse Christian Writers, Wisconsin

I picked up The Organized Writer this morning while I was waiting for my computer to warm up. Two hours later I had a crick in the back of my neck from sitting in the same position, highlighter in hand, pouring over your book. Needless to say, I loved it. Thank you!! I’m a pretty organized person, but I still learned a lot of great ideas. I think the most important was to designate a Market Day so marketing doesn’t interfere with “writing.” Things are always trying to interfere with the actual writing part of writing, so it helps to have the tools to avoid or alleviate those interferences. Thanks again for a great book.

Tricia M

Your book is the best thing that I have ever read for a writer, bar none. I haven’t had it out of my hands one day since I got it. I’m implementing a lot of things. I keep asking God to let me sell and soon. Your book is the start of the answer to that prayer! Thank you soooo much.


The Organized Writer is a Selling Writer belongs in a trophy case all by itself with all the other awards around it, bowing to it. that is the best book I’ve ever read on writing. If you have to buy only one book this year on writing, make it this one!