Books by Kathryn Lay

Nonfiction Picture Books (Senses, animals, science)
ABDO Books/Magic Wagon, Fall 2012

Do you rely on your sense of smell to find your next meal? Do you need to see 360 degrees without moving your head to see the food behind your body? Do you use 22 sensitive tentacles to discover food? Humans use their senses every day, but they don’t rely on them to hunt prey like the animal kingdom! Discover the interesting ways animals use their senses of sight, smell, hearing, tasting, touching, and extreme senses to find their next meal in the beautifully illustrated, easy-to-read Sensing Their Prey series.

An eye-catching, informative series featuring detailed illustrations to grab young readers’ attention! * Age-appropriate Art * Reinforced Library Binding Glossary * Fun Facts. Looking Glass Library is an imprint of Magic Wagon, a division of ABDO Group. Grades PreK-4.

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Abridged Classic books available from Calico Chapter Books, a division of Magic Wagon, ABDO Book Publishers include The War of the Worlds and A Journey to the Center of the Earth. Coming later in 2011, Wizard of Oz and Little Women.


Wendy’s Weather Warriors series, from Calico Chapter Books, a division of Magic Wagon, ABDO Book Publishers, a six-book chapter book series of fun and fact. Come see me at TLA for a free, signed copy of the first book, Tornado Trouble in San Antonio, Texas on April 14th at 2pm at the ABDO booth.

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Josh’s Pumpkin, Pelican Books, 2008

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Crown Me! , Holiday House, 2004

What would you do if you were king or queen of your school? Justin and Andrea learn what it’s like to be class royalty as they vie for President of 5th Grade Student Council. Read more about their hiliarious hijinks.

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The Organized Writer Is A Selling Writer

This former booklet has now been expanded and published!

Available now from AWOC.COM Publishing in August 2004

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A Glory of Unicorns

My short story, The Healing Truth is included in the childrens anthology of unicorns stories, A Glory of Unicorns, edited by author Bruce Coville and published by Scholastic Books

One reviewer says, parents as well as children should like ‘The Healing Truth’, the story of a complusive liar that finds a unicorn in a supply closet.

A VOYA reviewer says, In Kathryn Lay’s The Healing Truth, Crystal, an imaginative girl trying to create an identity for herself in her new middle school, learns about the value of truth through her interactions with an ugly unicorn stranded on Earth, who must earn human love in order to become beautiful and return to his world.